Superb 800.Silver Tea Set


Period: 20th Century

Style: Renasance


Tray: 19" x 14"
Large Pot: H: 9" W: 13"
Milk Pot: H: 7" W: 8.5"
Two handle Pot: H: 7" W: 9"
Sugar Pot: H: 4" W: 3"
Egg pot: H:4" W: 6"
Spoons: 5"

A Remarkable Twenty Piece 800 Silver Tea Set. Beautifully hand decorted with master craftsmenship. Comprising of One Silver Tray, Swan Motif Covered Tea Pot, Covered Creamer, Sugar Pot, Twelve small Spoons, One Larger Spoon/Fork, Double handled lidded jar & Smaller jar with tea cather