A Pair of German antique K.P.M porcelain plaques depicting "Aligira and Tirian"



Height: 10.5"

Width: 12 3/4"


Height: 17"

Width: 19"

Marked with 'K.P.M' Sceptre Mark with the letters 'SZ', with size marks 915-255, marked with Royal Vienna Beehive mark

Signed H. Stadler


Germany, Circa 1870


Hans Johann Stadler, born in Germany in 1848, died in Vienna in 1916. Was a pupil of Hiltensperger, studied at the Academy Munchen. Worked for most of his life in Bamberg, Germany. He was a known porcelain painter for Royal Vienna. Listed in Benezit (Dictionaire des Peintres) and Thieme-Becker (Allegemeines Lexikon bildender Kunstler)


Excellent Condition