A French Patinated Bronze Model of "Fortune" by Moreau-Vauthier


A French Patinated Bronze Model Depicting “Fortune” by Augustin Jean Moreau-Vauthier

The sculptor Moreau-Vauthier was known as a skilled ivory carver and had collaborated with Jean-Léon Gérome on the celebrated Danseuse à la pomme (Ancient Dancer). Here, interestingly, the bronze drapery emphasises the folds and movements of the fabric

France, Circa 1870's

Maker: Augustin Jean Moreau-Vauthier (1831-1893)

Signed: Moreau-Vauthier

Inscribed: F. Barbedienne Fondeur Paris and with the A. Collas pastille

Dimensions: Height: 34″, Width: 9", Depth: 17"

Excellent Condition


Artist Bio


Moreau-Vauthier entered the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris in 1850 in the studio of sculptor Armand Toussaint. Moreau-Vauthier was known as one of the most skilled ivory carvers in the 19th Century


He began exhibiting at the Salon in 1857 and presented the present model in bronze in 1879. The model was so successful that Barbedienne edited it in four sizes