A French Ormolu Mounted King Wood Vitrine by Charles Guillaume Diehl


Height: 102″ (266.7cm)
Width: 77″ (195.5cm)
Depth: 16.5″ (41.9cm)
Third Quarter 19th Century
Paris, France
Charles-Guillaume DIEHL

Height: 102" (266.7cm)
Width: 77" (195.5cm)
Depth: 16.5" (41.9cm)

Paris, France

Third Quarter 19th Century

Charles-Guillaume DIEHL

A Very Fine and Large Ormolu Mounted King Wood Napoleon III Style Vitrine by Charles-Guillaume Diehl. With three centered relief-cast oval plaques showing cloud bourne putti emblematic of astrology, inscribed Mme Leon BERTAUX. Surmounted with acanthus leaves, ribbons, and female masks. The top finial with a bronze bust of a lady. Lock Plate Signed DIEHL/19. R. Michel-le-Comte/PARIS

Artist Biography Diehl was born in 1811 in Steinbach (Hesse), Germany. In 1840, like many other French cabinetmakers, Diehl settled in Paris to produce small pieces of furniture such as sewing tables. By 1850 he was listed first time in the Trade Almanach. Diehl participated in the Great Exhibition in 1851 and in all other major international exhibitions during the middle of the 19th century. In 1870 he established a large atelier where he employed no less than 600 craftsmen. Diehl became a naturalized French citizen in 1872. Circa 1885 Diehl died. Diehl's pieces are collected by such prestigious museums worldwide Including the Musee d'Orsay in Paris, the Rijks museum in Amsterdam and Nancy and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York